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The Greek Press (Ελληνικός Τύπος)

A Greek Canadian Newspaper established in 1982 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Greek Press is a community Greek Canadian Newspaper published weekly in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The paper version is available for download or simple viewing in the ‘Print Issues” section and dates back to 2006.

The Greek Press in its current form owes its existence to the commitment and love for journalism of the late Mr Constantine Kranias, an entrepreneur originally from N. Michaniona, Macedonia Greece. Mr Kranias’ love and dedication for a strong representation of Greek Canadians and more specifically the Greek Community of Toronto in Canadian life has been a life achievement for both Mr Kranias and his family.

Presently, The Greek Press is managed by an editorial committee of professionals from all walks of Canadian life and has contributors on a voluntary basis, mainly journalists or accomplished writers in the broader sense. It has no financial support of any kind from the government or other assistance funding and its revenues come exclusively from advertising. The Greek Press offices are located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the bustling busy area of “GreekTown” close to Danforth  and Pape Ave., intersection and are accessible via subway (Pape Subway Station) as well as major freeways (401 to DVP, exit Donvalley Rd. South).

The Greek Press editorial team is committed to its Founder’s mandate to “present the life and achievements of a vibrant and strong Greek Canadian community in the Great Toronto Area, while keeping up to date with news and editorials that concern the current bi-cultural, bilingual and critical reader of today’s connected world“.

The team’s  philosophy in the fading print-community media is that they should address the diverse needs of citizens who have ample access to information of all kinds (“netizens”), by balancing the need for objective information with the maintenance of cultural values and affirmation of the cultural identity of conscious readers. In this sense, both the print and electronic versions of The Greek Press complement each other and have successfully taken up on the role of linking  readers to knowledge resources.

The Greek Press is an active member of Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada and abides by the ethics and conventions of community-based journalism, which dictate that all articles, news, opinions, etc are the property of their respective signing authors.

The Greek Press reserves the right to accept or refuse collaboration with contributors, or publishing of advertisement of material which is judged inappropriate for our readership as well as unsuitable for the long history of the newspaper and its valuable contribution to Greek Canadian society.

For views expressed other than the editorial team, the newspaper bears no liability as expressed in the Ethics in Canadian Journalism and the Greek Association of Editors of Athens (ΕΣΗΕΑ).

The Following people are part of The Greek Press’ Legacy:

Constantine Kranias
(Deceased 2016- Founding Editor)
Entrepreneur, is survived by his wife Anastasia Kranias, his two daughters and 8 grandchildren
Katerina Gerasklis
Editor-In-Chief (Community Events)

(Entrepreneur, Business Management Studies, Electronic Media Experience)
Tassos Theodoridis- Senior Editor (Editorial - Community Profiles - Greek and Canadian News Updates)
(Entrepreneur, Post Graduate Studies in on-line Learning and Teaching, Teacher of English - retired). Manager: Certified Translations and Interpretation Services - headquartered in Toronto, Canada.
Elias Koutinas - Senior Editor (Political Correspondent)Entrepreneur, Successful Realtor - Commercial, MBA studies.
Yiannis Kakagiannis - Senior Editor (Travel Bureau)Entrepreneur, Business Studies, Manager NTS Headquartered in Toronto, Canada
James Karas - Arts Senior Editor (Theatre - Arts)(Retired - Legal Professional)
Athina Taggidou (Community Events - Associate Editor)(Entrepreneur, Post Graduate studies in Education.
Jim Fraggiadakis
(Sales Associate)
(Entrepreneur, Professional Training)