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Effie Triantafilopoulos becomes parliamentary assistant to Elliott


Doug Ford appointed Oakville North-Burlington MP Effie Triantafilopoulos as the Parliamentary Assistant to Christine Elliott. Elliot became the Minister of Health and Long Term Care. Premier Ford did the appointment immediately after his newly formed cabinet was sworn in on June 29, 2018. Long Term Care will be Triantafilopoulus’s primary focus.
“Long-term care was a critical commitment and it means so much to our riding and the province. It’s an honour to be chosen for this role,” Triantafilopoulos said. “I look forward to working with Christine Elliott, our new Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, an experienced, capable minister who all Ontarians can count on.”
During the election, the PC party’s platform included stream lining the delivery of health-care. One way to achieve this goal would be to transfer patients who are currently occupying extremely expensive hospital beds for long periods, but would be better served in long-term care facilities which are far less expensive.
This inefficient use of resources is due to a lack of long-term beds available through out the province. Their plan to free up the hospital beds and thereby eliminate this back-log would be accomplished by increasing the number of long-term beds by 15,000 in the next five years. An additional 15,000 long-term beds would be added in the following 5 years.
“Hallway healthcare will come to an end.” Triantafilopoulos said. “For too long our front-line health care workers have been sounding the alarm. More long-term care capacity is needed to free hospital space and resources to focus on urgent-care needs.”
Triantafilopoulos added, “As always, my first priority will be to the people I represent as MPP for Oakville North-Burlington. Long term care is an important issue for this riding as we even have reports of capacity issues at the new Oakville-Trafalgar Hospital.”
Prior to her election, Triantafilopoulos was a practicing lawyer with years of experience in government and not-for-profit sector, One of her roles was the past Chief Executive Officer and Director of Save the Children Canada.
Effie Triantafilopoulos won her seat after receiving 25,685 votes on June 7, 2018. Alvin Tedjo, Liberal candidate trailed Traintafilopoulos by 12,182 votes. She is the first MPP for Oakville North-Burlington.