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Holy Week at Panagia – Greek Orthodox Cathedral Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in Toronto


By: Athina Tagidou – columnist

Holy Week services at Panagia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Toronto were commemorated with devout parishioners throughout the week. The day before Palm Sunday, on the feast day of St. Lazarus, the St. Lazarus youth retreat brought together the children for a day of learning and understanding of the significant day and the upcoming week reflecting the Passion of Christ. All members of the Church community from the Clergy, Chantors, Community Council, Ladies of Pronia and Philoptohos, Altar boys, Sunday School children and teachers, members of the church as well as parishioners took part in the daily liturgical services leading to the Easter Sunday ‘Agape’ Service. On Good Friday – the Epitafios service – where everyone walks behind the Epitafio as it is brought outside of and encircles the church followed by the people kneeling beneath it respectfully after it has been returned into the church. On Holy Saturday, on the eve of the Resurrection – the Anastasi service – at 12 am, as all heard Fr. Avgeropoulos shout ‘Christos Anesti’ with conviction, all in attendance replied in unison and definiteness ‘Alithos Anesti’ as they quickly shared the Holy Light amongst each other; Panagia church soon glowed brilliantly with parishioners holding their Holy lit candles. Truly a special Easter once again at one of the first Greek Orthodox Churches in Toronto.