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Lefteris (Terry) Koutinas has made a stunning short called Lonely Winter as an illustration of vast solitude and an expression of hope.

The film opens with a vista of a snow-covered railroad that cuts surgically through an evergreen forest and points to the far distance. A person walks between the rails to no apparent destination. We see some bodies of water as the film speeds along the railway and through the stunning scenery.

We leave the railroad and continue our fast journey across the forested landscape until we reach a lake shore that leads to a city. We switch back the railroad and see the person of the first scene walking towards us. We have gone very far but are on our way back having survived the pandemic.

Koutinas uses superb minimalist music to highlight the film. The repetitive chords impel the speed of the camera we we watch the fleeting landscape. 

Mr. Koutinas’s remarks about the short are as follows:

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this footage once I started shooting it and once I really dissected what I shot, I realized how empty and alone we all have been during this covid-19 pandemic. Seeing how empty the shots made me feel took me to a place of hope.“

You can see this remarkable short here: