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Seniors Luncheon Program at Prophet Elias Church in Mississauga


The Greek Orthodox Community Prophet Elias in Mississauga has inviting programs for all members of its growing community and one of these successful programs is the monthly senior’s luncheon. In 2013, with the support of Church Council and the Philoptochos of Prophet Elias, the idea of a senior’s group presented by the then parish priest Father Peter Mentis and the former president of the Philoptochos Lia Maltas was established. An opportunity for the community’s seniors to gather at a monthly luncheon in the church’s banquet area was enthusiastically welcomed and continues to grow. With an average of 80-100 people gathering at this social event, it has grown into a Thursday that most now look forward to.
Today, along with the ongoing support of parish priest Father Theologos Drakos, Community Council President Terry Tharrenos, founder Lia Maltas, President of the Philoptochos Dina Simopoulos and the Ladies of the Philoptochos, – everyone does their part in contributing to the continuing success of best serving the seniors of its hospitable community.
The delicious luncheons are prepared and served by members of the dynamic group of Ladies of the Philoptochos headed by Mrs. Dina Simopoulos, Mrs. Pella Soultanidis, Mrs. Anna Voutianitis, Mrs. Pat Andritsakos and Mrs. Diana Stamatopoulos who is in charge of the delicious desserts.
Initially, the luncheons were followed by a guest speaker presenting information on health issues and community available services. Now, in addition to this and with the suggestions made by the members, the luncheons include playing bingo or going on organized local day trips. As well, Mrs. Fotini Argiris organizes the lucky draws with special prizes to all lucky winners followed by more time for social gathering with everyone. Mrs. Margo Verdis organizes the bus trips as well as being the MC for the luncheons and bingo time. Trips to date have included apple picking, a river cruise and the visiting of other places of worship.
To become a member of the senior’s group of Prophet Elias the annual fee is only $10.00 and when one attends the luncheon the minimal cost is $5.00 each time. However, often the lunches are sponsored or given in memory of a loved one and as a result no cost to the members.
Founder Lia Maltas has a strong passion in creating inspirational and enjoyable activities for seniors and understands the need for members to unite as a community; Reaching out to as many seniors as possible offering an inclusive and welcoming place where they can spend their time in a fun and productive way. Lia’s goal for the program is that one day there will be a designated space in the church where members can come to daily for a variety of planned activities such as crafts, computer instruction, exercise plus other activities under the supervision of a dedicated director.
To date, an activity which has branched from the senior’s luncheon is the weekly knitting and crochet group where members share their handmade work and create lap blankets which have since been donated to the Hellenic Home.
With a solid community effort, Father Theologos Drakos joins the group for a wonderful meal and discussion enjoyed by everyone. The next senior’s luncheon is set for Thursday, December 14th at 11:45 am. nNew members are always more than welcome to come for a delicious meal and an enjoyable afternoon. For more information, please call the church office at 905.238.9491.

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