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Toronto Bars & Restaurants Just Got Some New Rules That Include Turning The Music Down


Only six people per table, too.

As COVID-19 cases continue an upward trend in the city, new Toronto restaurant rules have been introduced to try and curb any further spread.

The newest restrictions, which include lowering the maximum number of customers allowed inside restaurants from 100 to 75, were put forward in a September 28 report from Dr. Eileen de Villa, the city’s Medical Officer of Health.

Councillor Joe Cressy confirmed in a September 30 Twitter thread that Toronto city council had voted to approve all of the new measures.

Along with reduced capacity, Dr. de Villa had suggested other rules that restaurants and bars should be following.

These include limiting the number of people allowed at one table from 10 to six (both outside and inside), and requiring establishments to collect contact information from everyone.

She also recommended lowering the volume of any music or televisions to the level of normal conversation.

These new rules come in the wake of three restaurants on King Street West being forced to close after they failed to follow the city’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Toronto Public Health also told anyone who visited the Yonge Street Warehouse between September 10 and 17 to get tested as they may have been exposed. 

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